Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NOTD: Every Cloud has a Silver lining... right?

Good afternoon lovelies!

Today for your viewing pleasure I have a simply stunning combination of sparkly silver foil goodness.  The base/underwear polish is Celeb City, and I decided to layer the Essie Shine of the Times topcoat over it for extra pizzazz. 

Both silvers seemed to work together quite nicely.  Please, enjoy!

As you can see below, Celeb City on it's own is a silver foil which I thought was pretty standard, until further inspection revealed tiny glittering silver sparkles.  Although you can notice them from far away, they’re a nice treat when you inspect your nails up close. 

I used:
  • ·      1 coat of Orly Bonder Base
  • ·      3 coats of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear – ‘Celeb City’
  • ·      2 coats of Essie Luxe Effects – ‘Shine of the Times’
  • ·      1 coat of Seche Vite

I feel like this would be a cute yet simple New Year’s Eve mani for those looking for something that will be flashy, but match with most outfits. 

Also, the macro on my camera will be fixed soon.  I don't know what's wrong with it, but that and the flash function are being sillyfaces.  So my pictures aren't as sharp as I'd like them.  :/

On a different note for those of you who are concerned, it’s been three days after my big breakup.  Other than posting to my blog, I’ve been doing nothing but moping around.  (TT_TT)

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t left my bed except for necessities, and I’ve just been on the computer stumbling around. I’ve just been sleeping all day and on the computer all night. 

It’s so depressing, especially since I SHOULD get out of bed and get some exercise and sunlight, but I just can’t find the motivation to get up.  I feel like I made the right decision in the end, but I also feel nostalgic every 5 seconds, and miss him terribly.  

It sucks.

Ah, well, I may be a gross wreck, but at least I have cute nails right?  Doing my nails keeps cheering me up.  Maybe I'll shoot a long awaited makeup video or something... 

Hopefully your Tuesday is going better than mine is... hahaha.  Anyone have fun plans for the day?  I'll live vicariously through you.  (;___;)  

Peace, love and loafing around,


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