Thursday, December 8, 2011

Peppermint-ilicious. (Say THAT 3x's fast!)

Afternoon, lovelies!

I hope your day is going well so far. 

It’s pretty nippy here in NY, but I’m keeping warm all snuggled in my bed today, craving hot chocolate.  But I’m too busy stumbling/being lazy/fb stalking to make some.  Mehhh.

Anywhoo, I've decided to kickoff the blog with a sort of cliché, but FUN ode to the holiday season with this awesome candy-cane inspired manicure. 

I decided not to make the stripes perfectly parallel, since I always manage to get the reject candy canes with the stripes all messed up, and overlapping.  Such is my life.

I used:

·      1 coat ORLY Bonder Base Coat
·      1 coat Milani – ‘White’ (to make the red brighter)
·      2 coats Wet N’ Wild – ‘Everybody Loves Redmond’
·      Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen – ‘White’ (for the stripes)
·      1 coat Sally Hansen Diamond Strength – ‘Diamonds’
·      1 coat Seche Vite Topcoat

Anyway, the glittery-ness was added as an afterthought, and I really like it.  It was pretty subtle indoors, but out in the sunlight it was all OH HEEEY!  I'm adorable and holiday-like.  Marvel at my cuteness.

So yeah, I really like candy canes.  I loooooove sharpening them to a perfect point with my mouth, and then being all like 'eff yeah'.

The traditional peppermint ones are sooooo delicious, right? 

But the rainbow flavored ones are the best!!  Oh god, I’m drooling just thinking about them.  Heheh.  I can never think of any flavor to compare them too though… it’s just its own, unique thing I guess.

What do you guys think?  Did you like the manicure?  Any specific mani themes you would like to see for the holidays?  What’s your favorite holiday candy?

Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email at beautyftw at yahoo dot com.

Peace, love and rainbow-flavored peppermints for all!



  1. It'd be cute to do a bunch of different styles. Candle themed nails, wreaths and snowflakes, maybe even a Christmas tree (the thumb is the star and work down). And pair them with a sexy but simple holiday face.


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